The Story of the OT mp3

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The Story of the OT mp3


Does the Old Testament feel outdated?

Like a random collection of stories, laws, poems and prophecies about ancient people you can't relate to? 

Have you ever quit a read-through in Leviticus because it just didn’t seem to relate to your real life?

If you believe the Old Testament is God’s word but struggle to understand it, don’t worry--you’re not alone.

Lots of people are surprised to find out that Jesus said the Old Testament was actually one big story about him (Luke 24:44)! They’re surprised when they learn that Apostle Paul said he learned the gospel of salvation by grace through faith in the Old Testament (Romans 1:1-2). 

Understanding the Old Testament isn’t always easy.

In this Core Life Training class, we want to help you…

  • Connect the seemingly disconnected stories of the Old Testament into one unified story.
  • Understand the overall message of the Old Testament.
  • See the picture of Jesus in the Old Testament the way he and the New Testament writers did.
  • Feel how crucial the Old Testament is for your faith and life today.
  • Love Jesus more deeply through the Old Testament.